Antitrust and Competition Law

Antitrust and competition issues are increasingly becoming hot topics in a wide array of industries.  Often these issues can be quite complex, with an intricate mix of domestic and international law aspects. At Zečević & Lukić we understand that by collaborating across practices and industries we can deliver a comprehensive perspective and effectively assist clients with their antitrust and competition objectives.

The dynamic growth of domestic companies, and increasing presence of large international corporations in Serbia gave an additional impulse to the rapid development of this area of law. Our law firm has acquired a depth of experience advising clients from various industries in numerous large and complex cases. As a result, by analysing markets, contracts and transactions, we are able to foresee the risk of any conduct that would be in violation of current regulations and advise clients on preventive measures. Our clients regularly turn to us for compliance counselling. We frequently represent clients in proceedings instituted against them by the Commission for the Protection of Competition.

Furthermore, Zečević & Lukić provides assistance to clients applying to obtain permits from the Commission for the Protection of Competition.